Kick Ash King of the Mountain

For the past month there’s been a little experiment happening at the Kick Ash Comedy Show, it’s called King of the Mountain.  How it works; the audience votes (via secret ballot) for their favourite two comedians of the night – it could be any of the people onstage – including the host or the closing act.  Those ballots are checked at the end of the night to determine the “Kings (or Queens) of the Mountain”, those two winners are offered paid spots on the following week’s show; one to host, one to close.  Each week (with the exception of the Kick Ashiest monthly best of) the audience votes to see who continues.  So far, no one has managed to last past one week!  With the breadth of new talent hitting the stage trying to shine, the competition has been fierce.  Last week (September 25th) saw a clear winner with Dan Bingham, and a tie for the audience’s second most preferred between Jeff Klassen and Greg Hamilton.  Rather than pick, between the two of them I invited them to be the closing duo while Dan hosted this week (October 2nd).  Dan did an amazing job in a night filled with ups and downs, a packed house of serial smokers, special guest and the beautiful chaos that we come to expect from Andrews Pub.  Still, we garnered two new Kings of the Mountain.Bookworm






The lineup for next week’s (October 9th) show is:
Host: Jeremy Dobski (aka bookworm)
Closing: Phil Campeau
Emma Wilkie 
Dan Laxer
Leah Zylbering
Galit Benrobi
Chris Sandiford
Mo Vee Vartanian
Carlos Vezina
and one possible special guest

The Kick Ash Comedy Show
free at 9pm every Tuesday
Andrews Pub
1239 Guy (Guy Metro)
Montreal, PQ



About Ash

Paul Ash is that special kind of person who sees the best in everyone, except himself. His self loathing comedy is peppered with rural charm and big city cynicism. This “muppet king of comedy” has been described as the “encyclopaedia of funny” and has an over ten year relationship with the Festival Just For Laughs, the world’s largest stand-up comedy fest.