January 2014 update

Win tickets to January 2014 BattleCOM at The Comedy Nest in Montreal’s old Forum.  BattleCOM promo posters have been appearing around town at various game / book / comic shops.  All you need to do is find one of these posters, take a picture post it to Facebook or Tweet it with the location (tagging BattleCOM) for your chance to win a double pass to Friday’s show!

To find BattleCOM (to tag) on Facebook, or Twitter – click these links.


What is BattleCOM

BattleCOM is a new form of comedy show developed in Montreal. Currently it runs as a stage show in English and French (named GladiaCOM). The show has travelled to Halifax and Ottawa, plus a Canadian tour is being developed, as well as a regularly recurring show in Ottawa.

HandBill-F2BattleCOM is part stand-up, part improv, part game show and part theatre. It’s like the rap battle from the film “8 Mile” but only if the characters from “The Big Bang Theory” were battling, with a dash of “Let’s Make a Deal” thrown in. It’s exciting, fast paced and has audience interaction. Basically it’s a nerdy blast.

BattleCOM has appeared at both the Ottawa and Montreal ComicCon’s with much success. (Two shows at the May 2013 Ottawa ComicCon in a room with a 170 seating capacity saw 374 viewers with full show retention including those with only standing room.) The key to BattleCOM’s success is its target audience. BattleCOM has been dubbed the “Geek Battle of Comedy Shows” – that’s right, we cater to fans of ‘genre’ programming / film / books / comic books / video games / cosplay / board and pencil and paper gamers. And these fans are loyal.

S1020017BattleCOM runs monthly at The Comedy Nest in Montreal (Montreal Forum) and is coming soon, bimonthly, to Ottawa! GladiaCOM runs monthly at CoOp Katacombes (1635 St-Laurent, corner of Ontario).

If you’re interested in booking a BattleCOM event (either a mini 30 minute, or larger 90 minute show), please contact Paul Ash at

Logo by Tim Riel


BattleCOM is open to having variations. So far there has been: Dirty BattleCOM (adult content advisory), GladiaCOM (French), BattleCOM Food Fight edition (for foodies) and BattleCOM the home game (a CCG for fans)

If you’re interested in performing, please come see Paul Ash after a show.

If you’re interested in advertising during a BattleCOM:

  1. Tier 3: Handouts / flyers / coupons. If you can give us some AVI (added value in (coupons, special offers, discounts or freebies) for our audience we’ll make sure you reach them.
  2. Tier 2: BattlePrizes. At the end of each round of BattleCOM the winner addresses the audience and we make a draw for prizes supplied by sponsors
  3. Tier 1: Named Sponsor. “Your Name Here” presents BattleCOM