photo by Reese Turner

photo by Reese Turner


is a comedian and actor, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He’s been referred to as “Halifax’s savior of comedy” to the point that Andrew Bush (of Picnicface and Everyone’s Famous) said “without Paul Ash there would be no comedy in Halifax, there would be no Picnicface”.  Now Magazine (Toronto), in 2004, referred to the Halifax’s comedy scene with “Comedy in Halifax now is akin to the Seattle music scene circa 1993”. Paul Ash placed 3rd in a 2007 Great Canadian Laugh Off semi-final, placing him in the top comedians in Canada.  He’s won the nationwide “Laugh Out Loud” contest from CBC Radio, and has twice been a juror for the Canadian Comedy Awards (2012 & 2013).  Ash has a 13+ year relationship with the Festival Just For Laughs which he equates to having a Masters Degree in comedy show production and has acted as a consultant for shows and clubs in Canada and the United States. As an actor Paul Ash starred in the feature film “Conversion”, and can be seen in “The Trailer Park Boys”, “Race of Life”, “Just Kidding” and “Little Claus & Big Claus”. Currently based in Montreal, Ash has created several successful comedy show series, from Blue Monday (3.5 years), Kick Ash Comedy (4 years) and his newest creation BattleCOM a completely new form of comedy show.  BattleCOM has also been reformatted into French as GladiaCOM.  “Laughmatic” podcast referred to Ash as the fairy godmother to starting comedians in Montreal. Ash writes a successful blog at which includes articles on comedy, films and more.